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Senseo Coffee Pods Reviews

Senseo coffee pods are nifty little numbers... If you own a Senseo coffee maker, then chances are you already know how great these pods are. If you are still trying to decide which way to go in the "Best Single Cup Coffee Maker" race - then I hope this page will help.

Senseo is a Dutch based company, stemming from the Philips and Douwe Egberts companies - a subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corporation. The Senseo coffee pod maker system started out in the Netherlands in 2001. From there, Senseo spread throughout other European countries, America, and even down to Australia.

Senseo coffee pods come in a huge variety of blends and flavors. From light cappuccino flavors, to full bodied Sumatran, Brazilian, or Espresso blends. Coffee Pods for Senseo also come in milk based, flavored gourmet coffee pods - like the Godiva Chocolate Creme coffee pod, or the yummy Paris blend - with hints of french vanilla and caramel. They also do decaffeinated blends and Tea pods too.

How much caffeine are in a Coffee Pods for Senseo? According to the Senseo FAQ page -

    Mild Roast: between 60 & 80mg/100ml;
    Medium Roast: between 70 and 90mg/100ml;
    Dark Roast: between 70 and 90mg/100ml;
    Decaffeinated: less than 3mg/100ml.
These are average amounts as they may vary depending on the natural caffeine differences from the coffee beans.

Why use Coffee Pods?

Coffee Pods have become more and more popular over the last few years. But why? Some people hate the thought of paying money for each individual coffee pod. But I guess it all depends how much of a coffee fan/addict you are! Many people spend a lot money over the course of a month - from drive throughs and coffee houses, and dare I say Starbucks?

If you are the sort of person that drinks a lot of coffee from places like this, try and add up how much you are spending over the course of a month. You will pretty quickly realize that spending a bit on a single cup coffee maker, and a bit more each month for gourmet coffee pods - you will still be saving money - A LOT of money actually!

Not to mention how incredibly fast and simple using a single serve coffee maker is. No ned to measure coffee, clean up coffee grinds, pots and filters... You simply put in a Senseo pod, close the lid, and push the brew button. Viola - Fresh, hot, simply coffee - that comes in a HUGE range of flavors.

You can get Senseo Coffee Pods delivered right to your door, by visiting the Senseo Store, or try the Senseo Coffee Variety Pack (Pack of 4) from the trusted Amazon Store.

Follow this link to view the Senseo Coffee Maker section.

You a Fan of Senseo Coffee Pods?

Here's your chance to share with the world what you feel about your Senseo coffee pods. With a huge variety of flavors and blends, it can be hard to know what pack of coffee pods to try!

By writing coffee pod reviews, you will help other make the right choice. And people can even comment on your review.

So tell us... "Whats your favorite Senseo Coffee Pod?"

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