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Keurig Coffee Makers Reviewed- B70 Platinum

Keurig coffee makers are growing from strength to strength! When the B70 Platinum edition was released, I was interested to see just how they would improve on the already award winning B60 design - which rated so high in the Coffee Maker Reviews.

The B70 Keurig single serve coffee pod maker is a fully-programmable coffee maker that uses Keurig K cups. These specialized coffee pods come in a staggering variety of coffees, teas and hot chocolates. What makes the B70 different from the B60 model is a step up in water reservoir size - from 48oz. to 60oz. The larger 60oz. reservoir makes up to 10 cups of your favorite beverage, before you need to fill up again.

The Keurig B70 Platinum brewer also steps up from the B60's three brew sizes to five, thus giving you far more flexibility. It has a 4oz. size that is great for iced-coffees, which is a new size for Keurig. The B70 will also brew cups sizes from a 6 ounce, up to a 12 mega-mug size. The Fully programmable feature allows you to pre-set your favorite kcups size, to save you time - and brain power - in the early hours of the morning... We all know how difficult mornings can be!!!

Keurig Coffee Makers - Platinum B70

B70 - Keurig Coffee Brewer

• Programmable Keurig Coffee Pod Machine.
• Features Quite Brew Technology™.
• Brews your favorite cup of coffee in under a minute.
• Auto On-Off feature.
• Adjustable brewing temperature.
• Five brew sizes - 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounce.
• Digital 24 hour clock.
• Programmable LCD display.
• Set your favorite kcups size.
• 60oz. removable water reservoir.
• Weighs 12 pounds - when empty.
• Comes with a variety pack of K Cup Coffee Pods.
• UL approved for household use only.
• Measures 13 x 10.3 x 13.8 inches.
• 1-year limited warranty.

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The Pro's/Con's list below is taken from feedback
we received from your Coffee Maker reviews.


"Keurig coffee makers are just fantastic!"
"What a great range of brewing sizes."
"Very easy to use."
"Coffee in under a minute... Perfect for mornings."
"What a great looking coffee maker."
"The fully-programmable feature is really easy to use."
"Set it up to how I like my coffee, and it does the rest."
"Definitely worth paying a few extra dollars on the B70."
"Best present I ever bought... for myself."
"Easy to clean, simple to use, fast and fresh coffee."


"Had a few issues with it leaking a little from the water reservoir"
"My B30 and Breville were both sent back. Hope this one works."
"Coffee never seems quite hot enough."
"The 10 and 12 ounce are too weak - use two Kcups."
"Not as well made as my Bunn."
"Seems pretty noisy in the mornings."

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