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So who makes THE Best Coffee Makers?

If you're looking to buy the 'best coffee makers' on the market today, it can be a huge ordeal... Have you seen how many brands there are out there? Where do you start?

    • Keurig Coffee Makers
    • Bunn Coffee Makers
    • Cuisinart Coffee Makers
    • Tassimo Coffee Makers
    • Grindmaster Coffee Makers
    • KitchenAid Coffee Makers
    • Capresso Coffee Makers
    • Senseo Coffee Makers
    • Melitta Coffee Makers
    • Nespresso Coffee Makers
    • Zojirushi Coffee Makers
    • Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

And honestly, that is JUST scratching the surface! How are you supposed to say which are THE best coffee makers?

I have enough trouble trying to decide whether I feel like sugar in my coffee or not. And if you were to be a good little consumer, and go around to all the different companies web sites to do research... Well you'd be doing that for a good few days if not weeks, let me tell you!

So our good little team here at decided to put together a good cross section of the major brands - as well as a few other lesser known ones - in the hopes of helping all us coffee addicts make a good decision when it comes to our new best friend! Thus providing you with a site full of coffee maker ratings and coffee maker reviews.

Of course, once you've looked around at all the brands, you've still got to work out what type of coffee machine you want.

    • Grind and Brew Makers
    • Espresso Maker (No, it's not spelled Expresso!)
    • Single Cup Coffee Makers
    • Percolators
    • Coffee Pod Maker
    • K-cup Makers
    • Cappuccino Machine
    • Automatic Makers
    • French press
    • Italian style
    • 1 cup, 4 cup, 12 cup Makers
    • Thermal Coffee Makers

In researching this site, we've read up on, researched, compared and written about all sorts of coffee makers. We looked into heaps of different coffee maker brands to see how their 'latest technology' can give us all a better tasting coffee. We read SO many peoples coffee maker reviews, gathering info to see what it takes to be one of the best coffee makers. We also searched around many of the accessories needed to brew your morning 'cup of Joe' just the way YOU like it. Lucky I just LOVE coffee eh?

An Introduction to this Site

Let me start by saying this, "My name is Billy Taylor, and I used to be a coffee snob!"

I use the words "used to be", because as I've grown, and travelled, and tried all sorts of coffee, in all sorts of places... I realized something - I LOVE THEM ALL!

I know there are people who say if you don't drink coffee black with no sugar, than you are just killing the flavor. Tell that to Turkish coffee drinkers who drink their coffee as sweet as it is thick. Other people will try telling you that a true coffee aficionado (another word for 'snob') will only drink short black espresso, or a ristretto. And the thought of drinking a flavored, milky coffee... heavens forbid!!!

To be honest, I think I've heard it all. When people ask me how I like my coffee, I just reply, "It all depends on my mood!" I mean think about the wine industry. How many wine drinkers only ever drink one type of wine? Or will ONLY drink a certain blend from a specific year? It doesn't happen. Why? Because we all like variety! Imagine if we wore the same clothes every day of our lives, or if we ever only ate cheese and pickle sandwiches... We'd go bonkers. So why not vary how we drink our coffee? White, black, sweet, with flavors, with cream, short, tall... There are just SO many options. But that is a good thing isn't it? Rather than saying a certain brand make THE best coffee makers, why not just enjoy the variety?

So this site - - is all about embracing that variety. Sorting through the many coffee maker reviews and coffee maker ratings, not to find your one true love in a coffee maker, but perhaps to open new doors - to new friends.

We hope you like our site, and return often. Roam about, explore, read the reviews, share your experiences, write your own coffee maker reviews -

And enjoy the variety...

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Did you know?

The expression - "a cup of Joe", came from war times when American Servicemen also referred to as 'G.I. Joe' were known for their love of coffee!

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