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Cleaning Coffee Maker - Hints and Tips!

Need some cleaning coffee maker ideas or tips?

We all know a dirty coffee maker, filter or coffee carafe will make your coffee taste nasty... The oils left over from the coffee beans, and the hard water deposits that build up in your equipment, can really effect how good your morning coffee will taste!

This section of CoffeeMakers411 is dedicated to giving you the 411 (info) on cleaning coffee makers.

Coffee pots, thermal carafes, coffee filters, internal systems... They all need a thorough clean to keep things running and tasting like it should!

☆ What should I use when cleaning coffee makers? Vinegar, bleach, baking soda, lemon juice???

☆ What's the best way to keep a clean coffee pot?

☆ How do I clean the inside of my automatic coffee maker?

Quick Cleaning Mixes

Our two favorite mixtures are both cheap and environmentally friendly. No need for nasty chemicals, that cost the earth!

☆ Mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts boiling water. See info on cleaning a coffee maker with vinegar.

☆ Mix equal parts of lemon juice/citric acid and boiling water.

Use these mixtures to clean the outside of your machine, including the hot plate and filter basket.

Note - Do not ever mix bleach with vinegar or any other acid. This can be HIGHLY DANGEROUS, as the fumes created can be highly poisonous!

Also, never use any type of soap to clean inside your coffee maker. Soaps will produce suds when going through the cycle, causing a huge mess! Beyond that, soaps can leave a detergent film inside your coffee machine that can damage to your coffee maker and really taint the taste of your coffee.

Cleaning coffee maker exteriors is important too, and don't the coffee pot. A lot of people over-look cleaning out the filter basket until little mould creatures start carrying off the coffee machine... YUCK! Leaving of coffee grinds in your filter is a nasty habit to get into, and will really effect your morning Cup O' Joe.

Cleaning your 'morning revival machine' often, is not only a healthier option, but it shows your little buddy that you care, and that will surely make it love you all the more!!!

Just one more thing... DON'T use baking soda to clean inside your coffee maker. The baking soda can clog up your pipes and cause all sorts of problems.

I'm sure I'm not the absolute authority on how to clean coffee makers, so if you have a sure fire trick passed down from your dying great aunt - please let us all in on the secret. Or if you have one of these fancy new automatic machines, and have some tips on how to clean them - again, let us know by filling in the Hints and Tips form below.

Or if you are a shy kind of person, and don't like writing... then jump down to other readers suggestions and view other peoples tips for cleaning a coffee maker.

Cleaning Coffee Maker Hints & Tips.

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