Cleaning Coffee Maker Tip - Citric Acid is the Best Way to Go

by Natasha
(MD, United States)

This cleaning coffee maker tip by Natasha looks at a great tip when cleaning coffee pots and coffee makers. Look here for more information about cleaning coffee makers. Remember you can always add your own cleaning coffee maker tip as well.

I find cleaning coffee makers fun... Okay so maybe I am a little strange! But there is something satisfying about a fresh cup of coffee from a newly cleaned coffee maker.

In my humble opinion - the best coffee maker cleaning method is to use citric acid. I find that when cleaning my coffee maker, if I use vinegar to clean my coffee machine it can take quite a few rinses to clear that vinegary smell/taste. Whereas citric acid, this isn't the case.

My tips for cleaning coffee makers with citric acid:

- You can buy citric acid inexpensively at nearly any grocery store (canning section usually)

- For the cleaning to be effective try to do it at least once a month

And how to clean your coffee maker (citric acid):

1 / Take out the coffee filter from the machine

2 / Add 1 oz citric acid to 8 cups warm water (4 hot, 4 cold)

3 / Pour this mix into the water part of your coffee maker

4 / Turn on the machine and let about half the mixture run through your coffee maker

5 / Leave your coffee maker to "soak" for about 20 - 30 min's

6 / Run the rest of the mix through your coffee machine

7 / Pour 8 cups fresh water into coffee maker turn on to rinse

8 / Repeat 1-2 times... and then you are done!

9 / Reward yourself with a fresh cup from your squeaky clean coffee maker!

Hope you benefited from my coffee maker cleaning tips.

Thanks Natasha for your cleaning coffee maker tip. For more information on the cleaning a coffee pot or coffee machine go to cleaning coffee maker.

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