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Want a Clean Coffee Maker? Vinegar is the solution!

When you really need a clean coffee maker, vinegar is a cheap, easy to use, environmentally friendly alternative. Cleaning a coffee machine or coffee pot regularly is so important. A build up of coffee oils and calcium from hard water, will distort the taste of your coffee. Not to mention make you kitchen or office start to smell a bit funky!!!

How to clean coffee makers - is a pretty common question... What product we recommend is also commonly asked. If you want a clean coffee maker - vinegar mix is pretty much our standard reply.

No need to pay for expensive chemicals, or harsh and dangerous bleaches and acids.... Good old fashioned white vinegar will do the trick! Vinegar has been used as a cheap, safe and reliable household cleaner for years.

Clean Coffee Maker Vinegar Mix

☆ Mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts boiling water.

If you don't have any Vinegar around, get hold of either some lemon juice, or citric acid. You can get either of these at the local grocery store.

☆ Mix equal parts of lemon juice/citric acid and boiling water.

Use these mixtures to clean the outside of your machine, including the hot plate and filter basket.

It is effective in cleaning 'hard to move' stains, baked on coffee drips, and minerals that build up within your coffee maker lines from hard water.

When you need to clean coffee makers, vinegar is a great option. But how much vinegar do use when you clean coffee a coffee maker with vinegar? Great question... glad you asked! Check out our vinegar cleaning recipes in the blue box to the left.

Cleaning coffee machines, means cleaning both the inside and the outside of your coffee machine. This is super important!!! If you take a few minutes regularly to clean out your coffee maker and coffee pot, your machine will last longer, smell fresh and clean, and your coffee will taste better!

As the old saying goes - "A little often..." So try to make it a regular thing, and your coffee maker shouldn't take too long to clean.

How often should you clean a coffee maker? Personally I don't think it should be done too often... I find that the coffee tastes slightly... too clean??? Kind of like a well 'seasoned' tea pot! But for light coffee drinkers it should still be done at least once a month. If, like me, your coffee pot is rarely empty - clean it out every couple dozen brews.

So now you've got the recipe to clean a coffee maker with vinegar, check out the 7 easy steps on How to Clean a Coffee Maker.

You can also read our info cleaning a coffee pot or carafes. If you have another ways of cleaning your coffee brewer, automatic machine or coffee pots, we'd love to hear about it. Simply drop us a line and share your tips with the CoffeeMakers411 community.

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