Bunn GRX-B Coffee Maker - Leaking Issues!!!

by Lana Hooks
(Westville, IL. USA)

We have a Bunn Coffee Maker black model GRX-B code date 01-4007, that leaks excessively from the reservoir tank when brewing coffee. It does not leak when idle. Is there a problem or recall with this model?

We purchased it from Walmart in Danville, IL.

Please advise of any problems or recalls, or where we can send the coffeemaker for replacement or refund.

Thank you!

Answer from Billy at CoffeeMakers411 -

Hi there Lana,
Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Bunn coffee brewer... Have you spoken with Bunn regarding this issue? To my knowledge, there are no recalls for this model. But if you contact Bunn's customer service center, or take it back to where you bought it, they should be able help you.

Please let us know how you get on!


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Tank, not seal leak on mine
by: Jeff

My top seals are in good condition so I disassembled it and ran it with the tank exposed, the tank is leaking at the top, it looks like the top of the tank is sealed to the bottom white a white heat resistant caulk of some type and it has failed and is leaking at three points around the top.

GRX-B Leaking
by: Mike/Summerville SC

This is my second one in the past couple of years. I had one of the one's that were recalled that Bunn replaced. But why send another that is going to leak also. This is such a fire hazard. Water vs Electicity. This does not take a genuis to figure that out. Bunn should have another recall.

Bunn Coffee Maker
by: Anonymous

Having bought the Bunn coffee maker a little over 2 months ago, I felt it would last a little longer. The leak that occurs every morning from above the filter is infuriating. Now, I have to drive over an hour just to return it. Will never recommend this model to anyone.

by: Amy

I have the same problem. It leaks all over my counter every day when brewing. This is the worst coffee pot I have ever bought and would NEVER recommend this product to anyone! For the price and name you should expect better quality!

GRX Leaking Problem Fixed
by: DB-Brookings,SD

I have the same problem. Here's what I found.

I pulled the very top panel off. Three screws and it exposes the top water holding area. The plastic around the hole that allows the water to go into the stainless steel tank had deteriorated and is allowing the water to leak down the outside of the stainless steel tank and onto counter.

I tried sealing it with heat resistant caulk. It worked for a while, but I was afraid there might be some chemicals in the caulk that would be harmful. Bunn should recall this unit as water running down the outside of a plugged in maker could cause a short and/or electrical fire.

Leaking Issues
by: Jamie Akin

I have the same problem as Lana, leaking from bottom of back reservoir while in use.

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