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Bunn Coffee Maker Cleaning

Bunn coffee maker cleaning guide -

We all know Bunn make great coffee makers. They are quick, reliable, and brew a fantastic 'cup of joe'… But like any coffee appliance, we still need to clean the old coffee stains, oils and calcium build ups from both inside and outside your Bunn coffee brewer. Cleaning your coffee machine doesn't take all that long, but doing so regularly will give you far better quality coffee, and help your Bunn home coffee maker last even longer.

We have already written articles about how to clean coffee makers cleaning a coffee pot, and how to use vinegar when cleaning coffee makers. But as you may realize, all coffee machine brands and models are a little bit different, and have different little gadgets that may need cleaning in slightly different ways.

With Bunn coffee maker cleaning, the main difference is in the patented spray-head design. This spray-head is a great thing that improves the extraction of coffee, though it does mean you need to roll up your sleeves and clean it thoroughly from time to time.

So here's what you do to clean a Bunn coffee maker.

  1. Once you have cleaned out the filter holder, and rinsed out the coffee pot/carafe in hot water, you'll need to unscrew the spray-head, and put it to the side. Or soak in a mix of hot water and vinegar for a few minutes.

  2. Next you need to get out the little de-liming spring that came with your Bunn Coffee Maker, and feed it into the water tube a good half a foot.

  3. Then give the spring a good 'push-pull' action to clean out the inside of the tube. Again, if you have a tub of hot water and vinegar, this mix will really help clean and sterilize your pipes.

  4. Once you've done that, you can re-assemble your coffee machine, and follow the 7 quick steps to cleaning your coffee maker.

If you have another type of machine that requires some special attention, and you could share it with us... We'd love the input. Just drop us a line and share your tips with the CoffeeMakers411 community.

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