6 Cup BrewStation Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach

by Gary .E
(Topeka KS.)

Hamilton Beach 6-Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 6-Cup Coffee Maker

My wife bought me a 6 cup Hamilton Beach coffee maker, because I NEED a coffee on the way out the door in the morning.

This machine works well for me, as I drink my morning coffee from a thermal travel mug. The machine brews my coffee in a bold style brew, straight into my tumbler, so I can grab it and run.

I do find I need to pre-heat my tumbler first though, as I don't find the coffee straight from the machine hot enough. But I don't feel that is a big deal.

I also like the permanent gold-tone coffee filter it uses, as I hate wasting paper filters.

I would definitely recommend this coffee maker to anyone who wants a machine that can brew straight into a thermal coffee tumbler.

Gary .E

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